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Army CTS Overview: Interview with INPUT’s Alex Rossino

INPUT conducted its CTS Teaming seminar on Wednesday, December 14th in Tysons Corner, VA.

Before the matching took place, I had a chance to speak with Alexander Rossino, a Principal Analyst with INPUT’s Federal Information Services division, on what CTS is all about, what are some key attributes of companies interested in this opportunity and what the time-frame was for the contract from start to finish.

According to Alex:

  • CTS is an effort to consolidate various Army contracts into one contract and expand the number of vendors
  • Tap into companies with key specialties in fiber optics, electronics, satellite communications, and ground-based networking like cabling and LAN implementation
  • Draft RFP is scheduled to be released on or around December 17th

For more information, click to access the Army CTS Teaming Center.

Click below to view video interview.

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