How To Get Motivated And Restore Your Energy And Enthusiasm – Part 1

A few years ago, I wrote a popular blog post entitled “15 Ways To Get Your Mojo Back.” While that post has generated over 30,000 unique views on the Social Web Tactics website, and thousands more on LinkedIn and other websites, and has been a great resource for me and others to turn to, I want to write more about motivation and the general theme of how we can find that inner energy that propels us...
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Should Employers And Employees Negotiate On After-Hours Communication? Would You Support Restricting Or Banning Work Email During Certain Times?

Should employers and employees in the U.S. by required to negotiate on after-hours communication? Would you support restricting or banning work email during certain times of the day or night? And if you agree with restricting or banning communication during certain times, do you think that would adversely impact productivity? I bring this up, because France has acted on this issue over the last few years. And with the start of the new year, and...
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Is There A Market For Renting Men Who Will Listen?

I read an interesting article about a service in Japan where men are paid just to listen. The service provides people the ability to rent an “ossan” or “old man” for about $10 per hour. Renting an ossan allows you to either schedule a phone conversation, or to meet in a public place, such as a cafe or park. There are strict rules governing any rental, such as no touching. The men who are “rented”...
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Discussion About New England Patriots Signing Michael Floyd Has Been All Wrong

There has been a lot of negative media attention surrounding the #NEPatriots signing of Michael Floyd given his arrest for drunk driving in Arizona, and his release by the Cardinals.   I recognize that the guy has a problem, and a past history of alcohol problems. I do not excuse it, or minimize the danger of what he has done in any way shape or form.   And yeah, I also recognize that the Pats...
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What Is The Real Motivation For Jill Stein’s Recounts?

In an effort being lead by Jill Stein, the Green Party’s 2016 presidential candidate, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan could all be asked to recount the votes from 2016 election. The process is expected to take a long time (even longer since Stein has requested hand-counting each vote), and there is some potential that the recounts may not be completed by the December deadline to certify results for the Electoral College. There are two issues at play....
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Will ESPN’s Decline In Quality Fuel The Rise Of More Citizen Sports Journalists?

Anyone see anything wrong with this headline: “Butler’s play will be revisited when Patriots face Broncos” I am not going to obsess on the topic of ESPN’s decline in quality over the years, but I will say that it has been noticed by a lot of people in the comment sections for ESPN’s articles, and it deserves a post. There are frequent spelling errors, basic grammar mistakes, and instances when writers appear to have no understanding...
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Love The NY Times Vote Forecast Dashboard

The NY Times may not be the high quality news organization it once was, but they have totally tapped into my Dominos-Pizza-Tracker-Lover self with their LIVE Presidential Forecast dashboard. It’s geeky and very cool! Here is the link for the state of Florida: Obviously, the tracking will get better as more results come in. But you can play around and see how things are shaping up in each state.

Mike Hackmer’s 2016 Presidential Election Prediction

First of all, I hope everyone has a safe Election Day. Now… On to my 2016 Presidential Election Prediction! In my final review of the polling data and national trends, I think this has shaped up to be an even closer election than many anticipated. Unlike Brexit, the voting habits of people from different states, and US electoral college, negative advertising, campaign stops by Obama and celebrities (keep in mind, no former Republican presidential or...
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