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Colombia uncovers and destroys 775 mines

It is a truly foreign concept to many of us here in the US, but in many countries throughout the world, the use of land mines is a serious issue.

Many terrorist organizations use land mines to kill and create chaos in whatever twisted campaign they are waging. The people who suffer are children and other civilians, many of whom are killed, or seriously injured – losing legs and other limbs. The physical and psychological torment of a country-side covered with mines is a major impediment to security and domestic peace.

One country that has grappled with the issue of combating land mines is Colombia. In fact, though Colombia has become increasingly secure, Colombia was second only to Afghanistan in the number of victims caused by antipersonnel mines in 2009.

But Colombia has made many strides at eliminating land or antipersonnel mines – many of which are laid by the leftist FARC. And recently, the Colombian military found and destroyed 775 antipersonnel mines, allegedly placed by the FARC or Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.

This latest triumph is not just a victory against FARC, but its a victory for the people of Colombia. It gives the people a chance at a better life.

As we go through our daily lives, we should recognize the hard-fought efforts of people all over the world who are fighting to provide greater safety and freedom.

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