Fiction and Poetry

Here are links to sites where I publish my fiction and poetry. I enjoy every opportunity I have to write. Questions? Or an interest in my creative writing or poetry? Please e-mail: mike [at] hackmer [dot] com.

The Gateway

The Gateway evolved out of a series of poems I had written - dating back to college. Over the years, many of my earlier poems were re-written or adapted, and shaped in such a way that I thought was final.
As I looked at the series of poems I had written and the pieces that were sketches, I liked the idea that the poems were gateways to places we all step into. Though the main focus is love and relationships, there are other thoughts that I am working on.
The goal of The Gateway is to be a portal to share some of my poetry (it says "fiction" as well, but that will not be the case). Ultimately, not all poetry will be published online. As the collection builds, I want to publish the entire volume into a book.


Reflections is really simple: a collection of expanded thoughts based around quotations from some of America's early transcendentalist thinkers, such as Emerson and Thoreau. No doubt, growing up in Concord, which was the heart of the movement, and attending Thoreau Elementary School, played a significant role in my interest in these great philosophers and thinkers. However, many of the ideals of that time fit so well into modern American society.
My goal with Reflections is to write a series of posts based off quotes - providing some modern context.

Fiction / Humor

I have other fiction that is in progress. Currently, I have outlines for several short stories. Most of these fall into the humor genre. I am extremely interested in science fiction (not fantasy or Middle Earth), so I may also explore writing in that area as well. But my primary interest in short story fiction is humor.

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