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What Is Gov 2.0?

I was reading a post from Bill Brantley on GovLoop where he asks “What is the ‘it’ in Gov 2.0?”.

I thought it was an interesting question, and I wanted to include here in Much like “cloud computing” and other topics, people often do not have a clear explanation for what some of these new technologies and terms really mean.

So, what does Gov 2.0 mean to a government contractor? What does it mean to the government?

Is it all about data? Engagement? Social Media?

In my opinion, Gov 2.0 is about improving interaction and communication. More specifically, it is a mindset – a dedication to using technology to deliver more specialization to a customer / constituent base.

So, yes, conversation is key, because you cannot improve how someone interacts online (either with people or data) without a conversation.

Engagement is crucial to Gov 2.0. And the data or resource is another essential component.

But in my book, they all fall under that desire to use technology to deliver a service or solution that meets what the customer says they want.

What do you think defines Gov 2.0?

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