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How Are You Different?

How Are You Different?

When you brainstorm your new business idea, or look at your company, it is critical to ask yourself, “How are we different?”

Differentiation is critically important when it comes to connecting with your target audience. This is especially true if the chances are high that there are others delivering a similar product or service.

People are naturally inclined to look for how things are different. Without even consciously thinking about it people often ask these kinds of questions when confronted with similar options:

  • Is this new app a significantly better way for me to get x, y or z?
  • Does this university offer more online classes in my field of interest?
  • Will this company provide me more relevant and actionable data than the company I am currently using?
  • How does this company’s customer service compare to the company I am using now?

Differentiation covers a lot of ground.

Constantly look at how you are different, and do not be afraid to consistently highlight those differences as a key value.

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