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BIA/Kelsey and Marchex: Google’s AdWords Enhanced Program

Today BIA/Kelsey’s Senior Analyst, Mike Boland, and Marchex VP of Operations, Travis Fairchild, and Head of SEM, Cody Kunning, discussed how businesses and those managing online and mobile advertising campaigns can best maximize performance with Google’s AdWords Enhanced Campaigns, which are set to kick off on July 22nd.

Enhanced Campaigns is a topic that has been talked about quite a bit over the last few months. It was discussed at BIA/Kelsey’s Leading In Local conference in March (read Leading In Local 2013: Enhanced Campaigns: Google Speaks), and Michael Boland has written about it extensively (see Google “Enhances” Cross-Platform SEM: What Does it Mean? and More on Google’s Paid Search “Enhancements”: The SMB Angle)

Marchex brought additional firepower to the discussion yesterday, because Fairchild, Kunning and team have spent the last several months testing 100s of customer campaigns on the new AdWords Enhanced platform. The weight of Marchex’s early work is certain to help many companies and an industry where billions of dollars in advertising are at stake.

Click here to read BIA/Kelsey and Marchex: 7 Critical Things To Know About Google’s AdWords Enhanced Program

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