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Politico Gives Ivanka Trump Red, Evil Eyes In Headline Photo

In Story About Ivanka Trump, Politico Gives Her Red, Evil Eyes. Effect Missing In Pictures Of Democratic Women

In story published on Politico today about Ivanka Trump getting an office in West Wing of the House House, but not becoming a government employee (Ivanka Trump set to get West Wing office as role expands), the online political journal uses a large photo of the first daughter with a serious face, a dark maroon outfit, and large, red circles in her eyes.

The secondary headline in the story reads: The first daughter will not, however, become a government employee, raising ethics questions.

The photo (shown below), is an example of the media subtly uses imagery to convey political bias and negatively impact a reader’s perception of a person.

Politico Gives Ivanka Trump Red, Evil Eyes In Headline Photo

Politico Gives Ivanka Trump Red, Evil Eyes In Headline Photo (Getty Images, Story by Annie Karni, 03/20/17 05:56 PM EDT)

In reviewing other photos of the first daughter, Ivanka Trump is not seen with any red eye effect. This included a review of other Getty images, especially those of Ivanka in red or dark red clothes, that were published over the last several months in other publications.

What is interesting is that in examining photos of other women in Politico, in stories they have published over the last several weeks, large, close up pictures of prominent Democrats, such as Senator Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts) and Senator Deb Fischer (Nebraska) also lack the red eye effect in the photos.

Annie Karni, who penned the piece with the photo, and covers the White House for Politico, once covered Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. She also covered the 2013 mayoral race and the de Blasio administration for a New York publication before joining Politico. In her tweets, Karni appears excited at the prospect of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton running for NY City Mayor, tweeting recently about her walk-out song.

ADDED (8:24 AM)

In a story in Fox News on the same topic, Fox reports at the start – first paragraph – that “President Trump’s daughter Ivanka will maintain a West Wing office, though she is not technically serving as a government employee and will not receive a salary.” The fact that Ivanka Trump will not receive a salary for her work is not mentioned in the Politico story by Karni until the end of the third paragraph. While both stories go into detail about the new role, and the new ground it will cover by having a family member part of the administration (though surprisingly neither story reflects on President Kennedy having his brother, Robert Kennedy, serve as Attorney General), there is a decidedly different tone in both stories. Karni’s story is more speculative and negative in tone.

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