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Michael Hackmer and 3eTI President, Benga Erinle, talk about 3eTI

Interview: 3eTI Delivers Wireless Network Security to Government and Commercial Sectors

I had a chance to interview 3eTI‘s President and CEO, Benga Erinle, about what his company is doing in the government space around wireless networks and security. 3eTI is doing some incredible things for the U.S. military and the commercial sector that make it one of my top companies to watch in the years ahead.

Tune in to the interview below, and be sure to hear Benga’s perspectives on government IT trends and spending during our upcoming virtual roundtable on November 16.

3e Technologies International (3eTI), an Ultra Electronics Company

3e Technologies International (3eTI), an Ultra Electronics Company, is a leading provider of highly secure wireless networks that enable critical systems security, infrastructure security and industrial automation. Our experience and proven performance in the most demanding and rugged environments, makes our networks ideal for the military, government, industrial and utility markets. 3eTI’s platforms are approved for use by the most stringent and demanding customers: the U.S. military.

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