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A List Of Business Goals

Personal And Professional Goals For 2013 And Beyond

I had started thinking about my goals and dreams for 2013 and started two different threads on Facebook – See Post 1 and Post 2.

Instead of leaving such a list on my personal Facebook profile, where I have privacy settings that will prevent many people from seeing it, I’ve decided to create a running list of goals and dreams for 2013 and beyond on the Colliding With The Social Web blog. Feel free to add your own below as a comment using the form below.

Family Goals – 2013

    1. Outline all the ways I need to improve as a father, and make them happen, so I have the best possible relationship with my daughter. ONGOING AND 2013
    2. Devote more time and energy to my family, especially those who have cared and provided so much for me all my life.
    3. Ensure that my immediate family has no financial strains.
    4. Make sure my daughter develops good study habits and has what she needs to be a successful student.
    5. Cook more delicious and healthy meals for my daughter and me. Eat out much less.
    6. Plan a family get-together for either the summer or fall in New England.
    7. Take my daughter on a vacation she will enjoy.
    8. Reach out to my Aunt Sue in Florida who I have not seen since my father passed away almost 20 years ago.

Personal Goals – 2013

    1. Return to what I weighed 15 years ago.
    2. Get up and swim at least 3 times a week, and workout every day for at least 30 minutes.
    3. Complete a book I started writing many years ago.
    4. When faced with difficult challenges or personalities, always handle with patience, and communicate with courtesy, respect and intelligence.
    5. Learn Spanish.
    6. Listen more.
    7. Travel alone to a place where I can unwind in my own way.
    8. Surprise people throughout the year with anonymous acts of kindness.

Professional Goals – 2013

    1. Establish the framework for a new type of school in Loudoun County that focuses on business, technology, entrepreneurial studies and ethics.
    2. Build a strong Reform Party presence in Virginia, and run candidates for state and local office in 2013 and 2014.
    3. Re-Launch “Our Solutions” as a comprehensive platform for citizens to better crowd-source policy ideas that can be implemented by politicians at the federal and state level.
    4. Outline and implement a creative way to help working adults better fund their education without adding more debt.
    5. Discover new clients and launch more successful campaigns than in 2012.
    6. Get quoted in several news outlets.
    7. Have the strongest professional year of my life to date.
    8. Make 50 new and strong business connections.

Personal Long Term Goals

    1. Purchase an apartment in Bogota, Colombia so I can live in Bogota for part of the year.
    2. Learn how to play the guitar.
    3. Form a rock band, and develop, record and sell at least one album.
    4. Travel to Europe for at least two weeks to see historical sites (especially WWII sites).
    5. Attend the Bean Pot.
    6. See the Boston Celtics win the NBA Championship in person.
    7. Buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee and provide my daughter with a car for when she is old enough to drive.
    8. Afford my daughter’s high school and college education, so she can get through school either debt-free or with minimal debt.

Professional Long Term Goals

  1. Break ground on my school that focuses on business, technology, entrepreneurial studies and ethics.
  2. Expand educational opportunities for young people.
  3. Launch a successful technology start-up.
  4. Write a book on what I’ve learned professionally to this point in my life.
  5. See a member of the Reform Party elected President of the United States.
  6. Open a business office in another country.
  7. Be proud of the work I have done for my clients.
  8. Be known as a hard and smart worker, who was ethical and good to work with.
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