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Stay Competitive, Hire Creative People – Part 1

Staying competitive is essential to any business.

Search online and you will find an almost infinite number of people offering ideas and best practices.

When I hear people ask what does it take to stay competitive in government contracting, the answers I most often hear revolve around tactics from networking to marketing, messaging and process management.

And they are all important. In fact, as a matter of reference, GovWin has covered these tactics during our Virtual Roundtable series (see Lindley Ashline’s blog posts entitled Get Close to Primes, But Watch for Pitfalls, Experts Sayand Get An Insider’s Look at Relationship Building and Past Performance).

In my view, there is no doubt that these tactics are worthy when done the right way, adapted for your business and most of all, executed by the right people.

But people are the key. And that is one area I think companies miss more often than any other.

With the right people, your company’s chance of success is far more substantial than without. The right people are leaders, activists, innovators and talented professionals who are looking to take everything they do to the next level.

So, who are the people on your team? What are their talents? Are they driving you forward or waiting for you to direct?

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