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This Memorial Day, Help Take Back $67 Billion in Wasted Vacation Days

As Americans kick off the Memorial Day holiday weekend, an Expedia survey notes that we wasted $67 billion in vacation days last year.

According to the results, the average American also receives and uses less vacation days than people in other industrialized countries. For example, the average American worker got 18 vacation days, but only used 14. Whereas, French (37 vacation days) and British (28 vacation days) citizens all received and used substantially more time off.

One of the reasons for the lack of vacation time is many Americans cannot take the time off because they are over-worked. In the shadows of the Great Recession, many US workers are performing multiple jobs. Other reasons cited by analysts commenting in response to this story are that due to the recession, many do not believe they can afford to take the time off, either because their employers are not supportive, they have anxiety about their jobs or their own personal finances preclude them from taking vacations.

Regardless of a persons work situation it is critical to take time off periodically to recharge, and it is important for companies to invest in wellness programs (see for example, GovWin member company Greenleaf Integrative Strategies) to help reduce stress, improve productivity and create a psychologically healthy workplace.

What do you think about the lack of vacation time in America?

Do American companies need to provide more vacation time? Do Americans need to be more demanding about taking time off? Post a comment below or where this entry was originally posted: This Memorial Day, Help Take Back $67 Billion in Wasted Vacation Days. And have a happy and safe Memorial Day holiday.

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