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Washington Times To End Sunday Edition

It’s the holiday season. For many, it is a time when people are supposed to be at their most charitable, and friends and family get together to share in holiday cheer. This does not apply to the newspaper industry, however, as yet another publication announced serious cutbacks in staff and printing.

The latest victim is the Washington Times. Earlier this week the Washington Times announced that on Sunday, December 27th, it will publish its last Sunday edition. The paper will shift focus instead to Monday through Friday coverage, and contain a higher percentage of opinion content and other kinds of distinctive news stories.

Though most in the Washington, DC area (well, most of the people I have known at any rate) never really considered the Washington Times to be a serious newspaper, there always has been some valuable content and perspectives that you just do not find in the Post. For example, Bill Gertz is probably one of the best national security reporters in the country. And while much of that will continue, it is concerning to see the changes at the Washington Times (reductions in staff and shifting format).

While I am glad the Times will continue to press on (enhancing its online and multimedia components is an excellent strategy, btw), one cannot shake the feeling that the Washington Times, like so many other newspapers and print publications, is fighting a losing battle against the digital world.

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