"Go Confidently In the Direction of Your Dreams.
Live the Life You Have Imagined."

- Henry David Thoreau

You have dreams and goals for your agency, business, or organization.
You should achieve them.

Let's explore the possibilities for your business, and unleash its true potential.


Creative Thinking, Brainstorming, and Planning

I work with individuals and teams to create the most productive creative thinking and planning sessions. Ideation or brainstorming is often well-intentioned, but poorly executed. The same is true with business planning. Let's develop the right strategy and tactics so you don't waste your creative energy.


Identifying Your Target Audience and Knowing Their Needs

Personalization and technology has created more audience segments than ever before, and more ways to reach them. Who you are trying to connect with needs to be determined before you create content and build an experience. Let's make sure we "know" who your audience is, what they really want, as well as the "how" and "when".


Deliver Engaging Content and A Compelling Experience

Technology has changed how people consume information and how they engage with brands. If you do not deliver content that resonates, or a compelling digital experience, you risk being dismissed. Let us work together to build better content, as well as rich digital and in-person communications.


Motivate, Inspire and Enhance Productivity

Every organization can do more to motivate, inspire and enhance the productivity of its people. From using strategies around energy leadership, to better communication and improved project management and workflows, I can help you build a stronger and more positive organization that thrives on success.


Industry Trends and Reports


COVID-19 Resources for Businesses
The health and well-being of people and their businesses is very important. As the situation with COVID-19 continues to develop and change the world around us, we are compiling a list of resources from government and the private sector to help you - not just surive - but thrive. (Coming on April 28, 2020)

How Teaching Can Improve Your Business
Business executives know that education is ultimate tool. Whether it is part of your marketing and sales strategy, customer support, or employee training and skill development, everywhere you look - companies that educate well are companies that perform well. During these times of social distancing and telework, education and information is even more critical. This report and course will cover how teaching can improve your business, and how you can get started with an educational program. (Coming on April 30, 2020)

Great Digital Customer Experiences
This report will be a look back through 2019 to see what digital experiences people really enjoyed, and which ones were most effective. Then turn attention to what will drive digital engagement in 2020 and beyond. This report also will include how to create digital experiences during the global pandemic and future disruptions. (Coming on May 9, 2020)

Rise of the New Machines: Human Beings
Are humans doing too much to merge technology with their brains and bodies? This will be an examination of recent trends as well as ask key questions about where the moral line should be drawn. (Coming on May 23, 2020)

How To Improve Employee Health and Productivity:
Tactics For Every Business

A healthy person and inspired person is a more productive person. This guide will have tips on what smart businesses are doing, and tactics you can start using today. (Coming on June 6, 2020)

Colliding With The Social Web

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