Here are the businesses I am involved in. If you see areas where we can collaborate, please contact me: mike [at] hackmer [dot] com.

Social Web Tactics

Social Web Tactics (SWT) is a digital marketing and sales agency located just outside of Washington, DC. We partner with companies to help build better customer personas, digital marketing and lead generation programs, as well as content marketing efforts and SEO/SEM/PPC campaigns. In my role at SWT, I have worked with start-ups, SMBs and Fortune 500 companies focused on B2C, B2B and B2G in the US and Latin America. Social Web Tactics is currently doing work for companies selling directly to consumers, retail buyers, other businesses and state and federal government customers.
As part of Social Web Tactics, we have three sub-divisions that operate somewhat separately from the main company, including: Time To Brainstorm, Your Webinar ExpertsYour SEO Consultant, and Government Contractors.

Catoctin Education

Catoctin Education is a futurist secondary and higher education start-up that provides an unique education and curriculum focused around business, information technology, information systems, entrepreneurship and inter-cultural immersion. Working in close partnership public schools, businesses, start-ups and start-up incubators, as well as serving as its own incubator, Catoctin is driven to modernize and personalize learning, and deliver real-world experience to its students.
As part of Catoctin Education, we have Catoctin College and the Education Blog.


SOCiCLE is a start-up that is in development. It’s focus is on using data on habits, interests, and personality traits to facilitate better personal and professional relationships. More information on this start-up will be available in 2018.


YourTravel.Guide is a new travel website that is in development. The goal is to create better travel experiences for people who interested in visiting places all over the world. Our first phase is to focus on travel to Latin America and the United States. Preliminary launch of the site is not expect until 2017.

CBT Media

CBT Media is the parent company for Cannabis Business Today and the Marijuana Marketing Agency. Cannabis Business Today explores the people, businesses and tech in cannabis, with an emphasis on the real business stories impacting cannabis growers / cultivators, processors, distributors, dispensaries, and enterprise management companies that have large greenhouses for seed-to-sale co-ops. In addition to providing stories and industry information, our goal also is to provide comprehensive and high quality marketing services.

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