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Here are some of the latest posts in Colliding With The Social Web.

Below are sections with content that is aligned to each of the service areas: Strategy, Audiences, Experiences and Productivity.

Finally, I also have pulled out content related to: Government Contracting (the most important industry to my professional career), Parenting, Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs, Technology and Television, Movies and Entertainment.

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Businesses and organizations need to identify emerging trends and curate ideas to build smarter strategies for growth and success. But what trends are important? How can you develop ideas for your business or organization? The posts in this section are designed to answer these questions and more. For more information on the "Strategy" service, click here.


We all know that personalization and technology have created more audience segments than ever before, and more ways to reach them. These posts all cover audience identification from tactics to finding the right people, to understanding the trends fueling segmentation and personalization. For more information on the "Audiences" service, click here.


Technology has changed how people consume information and how they engage with brands. Content and digital experiences need to be engaging and informative. If you do not offer something compelling, you can lose more credibility than if you offer nothing at all. This blog section deals with the kinds of content and experiences that open eyes and get people thinking. For more information on the "Experiences" service, click here.


How can we achieve more or be better leaders? How can we get motivated? Once focused, how can we stay focused and be productive? These posts are about motivation, inspiration and energy leadership, and importance of valuing people, as ways to improve productivity and increase organizational success. For more information on motivation, click here for our "How To Get Motivated" page. For more information on the "Productivity" service, click here.

Additional Content Sections

Government Contracting

One of the most important industries in my professional career has been Government Contracting. Some of the content here is exclusive to, while other posts have been repurposed from other media websites where I have published articles.

Goodbye - Picture of GovWin Website from November 2010Read more +24 July 2013 By Michael Hackmer in GovCon

Remembering The GovWin Community

16 March 2012 By Michael Hackmer in GovCon

Hackmer Leaves Deltek’s GovWin

Panel for Cloud Trends In The Federal Government, including Michael HackmerRead more +06 March 2012 By Michael Hackmer in GovCon

Cloud Trends In The Federal Market


I started being a parent in my early twenties in 1999. On July 14, 2017, I started again. There are no regrets, only lessons learned and new experiences. Click here for posts with thoughts on and experiences with parenting.

Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs

Interested in start-ups? Entrepreneurs? Me too! These are latest posts around start-ups and the people who start new businesses. There are stories as well as interviews.


Technology fuels society. It impacts everything we do - from consumption to communication. These posts cover the latest in technology and trends in tech.

Television, Movies, and Entertainment

A part of me still wants to be an actor. I love TV, movies, and the world of entertainment. Though I do not get to watch as much TV as I want, I still manage to find shows that grab my attention. These posts cover my thoughts on TV, movies, and entertainment.