For Businesses, Government Agencies and Organizations

What Are Your Challenges, Opportunities, and Needs?

For anyone in business to seek and obtain help, answering this initial three-part question is very important.

The answers will help drive the next batch of questions. And those answers will help form the outline of the solution - the action that needs to take place.

What Can I Do To Help?

Here are some the basic, big picture ways I can help your organization, government agency, or business.

Creative Thinking and Brainstorming / Ideation

Getting ideas out into the open is actually more difficult than it sounds. You have guard against creating an environment where one idea dominates a brainstorming session and everyone follows along.

I work with individuals and teams to create the most productive creative thinking sessions. This way, you have a plan to get everyone's ideas out and into the open, and don't waste the creative energy your team has.

Strategy and Planning

I believe strategy and planning are important. Though I believe people can spend too much time on trying to make the perfect plan, more often than not, businesses fail to put the necessary time, energy, and insight into creating the steps that need to happen to be successful - AND - to define clearly what "success" looks like when key milestones have been achieved.

Identifying Your Target Audience and Knowing Their Needs

Personalization and technology has created more audience segments than ever before, and more ways to reach them. Who you are trying to connect with needs to be determined before you create content and build an experience. Let's make sure we "know" who your audience is, what they really want, as well as the "how" and "when".

Deliver Engaging Content and A Compelling Experience

Technology has changed how people consume information and how they engage with brands. If you do not deliver content that resonates, or a compelling digital experience, you risk being dismissed. Let us work together to build better content, as well as rich digital and in-person communications.

Motivate, Inspire and Enhance Productivity

Every organization can do more to motivate, inspire and enhance the productivity of its people. From using strategies around energy leadership, to better communication and improved project management and workflows, I can help you build a stronger and more positive organization that thrives on success.

Past Experience (By Industry)

Here is a list of some of the industries we have worked in recently:

  • Association / Non-Profit (Industry organizations as well as religious and secular non-profits)
  • Discount Retailer / Mass Merchant
  • Energy
  • Government / Government Contracting
  • Health Care
  • Higher Education / K-12 / Homeschool
  • Manufacturers and Distributors
  • Media
  • Service Industry
  • Technology