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This page contains a schedule of upcoming netcasts, podcasts and webinars that I am hosting. Questions? Ideas for a program? Please e-mail me at: michael@hackmer.com


Hosted by Michael Hackmer

OPTIMISTIC Talk highlights the stories of hope, peace, serenity, joy, love, humility, kindness, and truth that exist all around us.

In each episode, guests and I will seek to provide an optimistic view of the world around us and inspire all of us to take more positive action in our day to day lives.

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How To Create A Successful Lead Generation Webinar

Date: December 12, 2022

Day: Monday

Time: 1:00 PM Eastern / 10:00 AM Pacific

Cost: Free

How To Create A Successful Lead Generation Webinar

Lead generation and sales are the name of the game for every business. One of the best tactics any marketing and sales team can use is to generate leads and increase awareness is to hold a Webinar. However, to be successful with your webinars, you need more than a compelling topic and good content.

During this event, Michael Hackmer is going to get into the essential elements of how you can create a successful Webinar for your business or organization. The event will cover topic selection, audience, promotion, content, ways to fight online meeting fatigue, and more.

There will be time for a "Question and Answer" session following the presentation.

If you've been thinking about creating a Webinar, but were unsure about whether or not you could pull it off, or if you have a Webinar program that you want to improve, this event will be perfect for you.

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