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Some Good Parenting Websites / Resources

Below are some of my favorite parenting websites / resources. If you have ones that you like, please share by emailing them to me: mike [at] hackmer [dot] com


Parenting is a great website to use for all topics relating to parenting - regardless of the age of your child OR if you preparing to become a parent.

Good Men Project

The Good Men Project is an excellent website for men and fathers. There are great discussions about what it means to be a man in the modern age, as well as parenting and relationship advice.

Learning Liftoff (K12)

Learning Liftoff from K12, a website that I was involved in and wrote for when it was first created a few years ago, is a great resource of educational activities and ideas for parents of kids from all ages.

Thrive (Kaiser Permanente) Healthy Eating

The healthy eating website section on Thrive, from Kaiser Permanente, is one of a few good websites. When you become a parent, you need to focus more than ever on eating and living well.

New Parent

New Parent is a simple site that is focused on everything relating to pregnancy and newborns.

Psychology Today - Parenting

Psychology Today has a good section of its website on parenting. The content touches on a wide variety of topics, and addresses challenges parents have with children of all ages.

What Are Some Keys To Being A Good Parent?

Blending who you are with the parent you want to be.

I became a father in the winter of 1998, when I found out my daughter's mother was expecting. I was a recent college graduate, and had just started working a very low-paying job on Capitol Hill. While I always wanted to be a parent - to have a family - I was not prepared to start at such a young age.

Share Your Parenting Stories and Advice

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