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Through ideas and inspiration, and by working together, we can overcome this challenge.

We all have families and friends whose health and well-being is our primary concern. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic's negative impact on business and government has created limits to our ability to provide and support ourselves as well as those close to us. This page of resources and ideas has been created to help entrepreneurs and business owners navigate the evolving situation with COVID-19 as best as possible. Questions? Ideas? Please e-mail me [michael] [at] [hackmer] [dot] [com] so I may share them here.

Life After Coronavirus: Our Future After the Great Disruption

What will our new normal be after we emerge from the Great Disruption caused by the coronavirus?

With any major event, there will be aspects of our lives that will change. Some of these changes will be permanent, while others will be short-term. There also will be aspects of our lives that will return to what we remember. The question on everyone's mind is: how will our future look?

In this analysis, Michael Hackmer will provide some insights in what we may be able to expect in the months and years ahead. And how people, especially entrepreneurs and business leaders, can best adapt to the new trends.

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How do you see the future changing?

Share your own creative and positive views of a post-Coronavirus world by submitting your thoughts. We will add them to our Vision of the Future wall.
Futuristic city

Vision of the Future wall

Read the positive views other people have about the future in a post-coronavirus world.

Blog posts

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    Being Pragmatic About COVID-19 At Work

    Warning: A proud Dad tells a story about his oldest daughter handling a cornavirus issue with her employer and a co-worker. First of all, I’m proud of my oldest daughter. I am proud of how she h...

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    15 Ways To Get Your Mojo Back During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) threat has changed many aspects of our daily life. But whether we are run-down from work, isolated from social distancing and taking steps to “shelter in place,” or feeling ...

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    How To Socialize When Practicing Social Distancing

    By now, most of us understand what “social distancing” is, why we need to do it and how. In short, in order to curb progression of COVID-19 (coronavirus), we need to change our social behavior an...

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