Here are the political organizations I am currently involved in. If you see any opportunities for collaboration, please e-mail me at: mike [at] hackmer [dot] com.

Michael J. Hackmer (Political Website)

While this site serves as both a link to all my projects and endeavors, there is another website specifically geared to my thoughts on public policy. The Michael Hackmer (Political Website) contains links to political news, as well as articles on world events, US policy, our political parties and more. The website is not meant to serve as a campaign website - but rather be a refuge from media bias and home to original and independent thinking.

Leadership for America PAC

The Leadership for America PAC is a Political Action Committee established to support independent candidates, and fund activities that build stronger, independent political leaders in the US.

Reform MyGov

Reform MyGov is a crowd-sourcing platform that will allow Americans to post solutions to complex federal, state and local policy challenges, and share those ideas with other citizens.

Reform Party of Virginia

The Reform Party of Virginia represents the interests of voters who are concerned with out-of-control federal spending, growing budget deficits, an unsustainable national debt, as well as gross mismanagement in government and unethical behavior from our elected representatives.
It is our belief that the American public and the Reform Party share many of the same core principles when it comes to our local, state and federal government.
We believe that our government functions best when it lives within its means, sets reasonable and common-sense objectives and implements sound policy.
As a Party, we believe in practical answers for the challenges we face, and in the belief that good policy benefits the national interest and not select special interests.

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