Recognize Trends, Curate Ideas and Plan for Success

By understanding trends and disruptive forces, we can build a strategy that can help your business or organization be successful.

The world is in constant change. Trends and disruptive forces, like the COVID-19 pandemic, can impact our businesses, governments and organizations in different ways. Building a smart strategy that takes into account where things are, where they are headed and how to prepare for the unknown is the best way to ensure success.


Identifying current and emerging trends as well as potential disruptors to your operations is an essential part of building a successful strategy. We can provide a comprehensive report that flags the areas you are best positioned to take advantage of and where you need to improve.


Gathering information about your current markets and target markets as well as your competitors. This includes in-depth interviews of internal staff, existing customers, potential prospects and industry influencers, surveys of the marketplace and analysis of internal and external data.


Conducting a complete audit of your communications and technology operations. This includes a website technical audit (for search engine optimization) and analytics analysis, as well as review of your internal processes from identifying opportunities to service delivery.


Actionable planning document that takes into account current and future market conditions, competition, internal processes and insights from employees, customers, prospects and industry thought-leaders / influencers. This is the go-to-market blueprint for your organization.

What do we deliver?

Our STRATEGY service includes identifying trends, market research, an audit of your business operations and messaging as well as a review of your competitors. We combine all the information into a comprehensive roadmap for your business to act on.

If you are interested in a preliminary disucssion to see if this is what you need and that we are the right fit for your organization, please complete the form below.

We build a strategy and planning roadmap for your organization

We gather information and key metrics from your business including sales data, business projections and your current strategic plans.

Then we conduct comprehensive research to identify current trends, emerging trends and potential paths in the future based on how technology will impact human behavior.

As part of our research, we will interview employees, prospective customers and past customers, as well as conduct interviews of others in the industry. Our goal will be to get at the heart of "what is working" and "what is not working" for your organization.

We are unique in that we also will include a technology audit of your organization, website audit (for search engine optimization) and complete a keyword analysis and analytics analysis.

Depending on the need, we will create and deploy a survey and conduct internal ideation / brainstorming sessions to gather additional insights.

Once the data gathering process is complete, we will produce a final report that will be a detailed analysis and roadmap for your organization with recommendations and action-items (we focus on both the quick win / easy-to-implement changes as well as the long-term tactics).

In addition to what is referenced above, this report will include a thorough review of your brand, your technology, messaging, competitive market and competitor messaging, customer journeys, as well as the trends and opportunities we see available to your organization.

Life After Coronavirus: Our Future After the Great Disruption

What will our new normal be after we emerge from the Great Disruption caused by the coronavirus?

With any major event, there will be aspects of our lives that will change. Some of these changes will be permanent, while others will be short-term. There also will be aspects of our lives that will return to what we remember. The question on everyone's mind is: how will our future look?

In this analysis, Michael Hackmer will provide some insights in what we may be able to expect in the months and years ahead. And how people, especially entrepreneurs and business leaders, can best adapt to the new trends.

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Vision of the Future wall

Read the positive views other people have about the future in a post-coronavirus world.

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How do you see the future changing?

Share your own creative and positive views of a post-Coronavirus world by submitting your thoughts. We will add them to our Vision of the Future wall.

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